This website displays the family trees for Thomas Banfield and Dilys Adams and their children,
showing ancestors as far back as known (earliest born in 1560)
.The main surnames covered are
Banfield, Decent, Lander, Steele, Adams, Matheson, Wring and Williams.



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For security reasons this website no longer shows details of living family members.


Genuine relatives are still welcome to e-mail me to request personalized PDF charts right down to the present day, or to advise of additions/corrections.







Anna Banfield


Niko Nakalevu


Nicola Banfield


Catherine Banfield


Dilys Adams


Thomas L Banfield


Thomas A Banfield


Kenneth Adams


Joyce Lander


Marjorie Wring


Andrew Webster



Click on any of the 8 great-grandparentsí names in the RH column above to view or print that personís known Ancestors. These charts are in PDF format, and you will need Adobe Reader to view them (download here).
In each chart the number alongside each person counts the generations backwards from the root individual.


NB Press the Back button on your browser when you have finished with each chart.


Extra page added Aug 2010:The Lander Gathering June 2010